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AED PSO Bulletin - June 3, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

On May 23rd I had the great pleasure of watching teams from six of our schools participate in the first annual AED Gamestar Mechanic Game Jam. Using game design skills that they had acquired during the semester, teams were given ninety minutes to create and publish a two dimensional online game based on a design challenge. A team of gaming experts provided feedback on the finished products. What I observed was a strong example of what relevant and engaging, performance-based learning and assessment looks like. As AED expands our work with Gamestar for the coming year, I would encourage all schools to participate.

I admire the work that everyone is undertaking to maximize student engagement and learning during the final weeks of the school year. I look forward to convening on the 22nd at the Riverdale Diner to begin to map out our plans for next year’s work.

In Partnership,

Calvin and the AED PSO Team

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